Vaginal Odor Causes

Vaginal Odor Causes during Sex

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Vaginal odor causes during sex may be hard to identify, not to mention extremely embarrassing. It is a relatively frequent issue, affecting about 2 in 10 women at some point during their lifetime. Many times these causes are natural, but other times may indicate some form of infection. Regardless some method should be devised to correct this problem, but first the vaginal odor causes need to be determined. The woman may be thinking, “what’s wrong with me?”, “what will my partner think?”, and many other things which will come to mind. Follow us as we reveal the most common causes:

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Bacterial vaginosis

Leading the list of vaginal odor causes during sex is the infection bacterial vaginosis. It is the most common vaginal infection occurring in women of childbearing age, with symptoms commonly acting up during or after sexual intercourse. Although symptoms are somewhat related to sex, it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease, since it does not cross individuals. Women affected with BV may not show any symptoms, but when they appear they are pronounced. The classic symptoms of BV infection include copious, watery vaginal secretions that may appear white or greyish in color, a repulsive odor that can be described as fishy, burning upon urination, and vaginal itching. Treatment of BV normally involves use of antibiotics, which result in 85- 95 % success rates. Some women even report improvements in symptoms by using supplements called probiotics, which replace natural vaginal bacteria.


Gardnerella infection is one of the other common vaginal odor causes during sex, and commonly occurs along with BV. If affects about 75% of women throughout their lifetime, although many of these women will not show any symptoms. If left untreated, the bacteria may enter the urethra where it can cause a urinary tract infection, complicating treatment. Symptoms associated with gardnerella infections include burning upon urination, itching in the vaginal area, a thick whitish discharge, a strong foul smelling odor and pain during sex. Gardnerella may be transmitted by sharing toilets, as well as coming into close genital contact with someone currently affected. Treatment involves use of antibiotics.

Forgotten Tampon

As strange as this may sound, a forgotten tampon may also have you pondering about your vaginal odor causes. Although not very frequent, this does occur and can result in a breeding ground for bacteria. To begin with, it is probably saturated with blood, which on a normal basis should be changed daily. Now when it is left for days on end (forgotten actually) symptoms such as a watery brown discharge is often observed with a horrible smell. Some women may be able to remove it themselves, while others will need to go to the emergency room for it. Antibiotics will commonly be prescribed to prevent infections from spreading/ developing.

With as many vaginal odor causes are there are women in the world, each case is unique and should be referred to the doctor in order to receive best course of treatment.

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